The Achieve Challenge from Kettlebell Kitchen

taught by The Kettlebell Kitchen Nutrition Team
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The Kettlebell Kitchen Nutrition Team
The Kettlebell Kitchen Nutrition Team

About the instructor

The Kettlebell Kitchen Nutrition Team is made up of Amanda Montalvo, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Nutritionist, and Kim Jordan, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Amanda and Kim use an integrative and functional nutrition approach to help people look, feel, and perform better.

The Achieve Challenge is here to make your goals a reality. In this course, we will guide you through the steps to see change and results in your body and nutrition. This course will focus on the fundamentals of how to remove inflammatory foods from your diet, boost digestion and nutrient absorption, decrease stress & inflammation, support your immune system, balance hormones, increase energy, and most importantly, find a healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable way of eating.

You'll receive all of the info and tools you need to be successful during these 4 weeks and beyond, including:

  • An online learning platform
  • Detailed challenge guidebook
  • Extended library of resources and videos
  • Facebook Live sessions
  • Email check-ins
  • Private support group with access to nutritionists
  • Weekly contests and prizes
  • Options for add-on services
  • And more!

Course Contents

15 Videos
58 PDFs
4 Presentations

Course Curriculum